At it’s November meeting the Yesler Community Collaborative Board of Directors completed the formal changes needed to continue operating as a nonprofit organization past the time that it was originally slated to sunset.

By amending its bylaws, the board changed the organizations name to Crescent Collaborative and expanded the board from three members to nine. The current at-large members–Sue Taoka, Bill Block and Michael Brown–will continue to serve. They will be joined on the board by four neighborhood representatives and two ex officio members.

The four neighborhoods represented will be Capitol Hill, First Hill, the Central Area and the Chinatown-International District-Little Saigon neighborhood. Andrea Caupain Sanderson will represent the Central Area and Maiko-Winkler Chin will represent the Chinatown-International District-Little Saigon. Chris Persons and Anne McCullough have been nominated to represent Capitol Hill and First Hill respectively. Their confirmation is expected at the December board meeting.

In addition, Rachael Steward has been designated an ex officio member representing the Seattle Housing Authority. AyeNay Abye hs been designated as the ex offico representative from Seattle University. Ex officio members will participate fully in board meetings, but will not vote.

When YCC formed in 2014 the board expected that it would sunset in 2019 as work on the redevelopment of Yesler Terrace neared completion. However, YCC partners have appreciated the opportunity to collaborate and worked with the board to come up with a plan to transition into ongoing operation. The expanded board will assume a more active role in policy formation, and the organization will continue to operate with consultant help.

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