Crescent Collaboration Board Changes - 2022

After three years as the Chinatown/International District representative on Crescent Collaborative’s Board of Directors and its President, Maiko Winkler-Chin has accepted an appointment as Director of the City of Seattle’s Office of Housing and therefore can no longer serve. Maiko thanked the Collaborative for including her, “I believe that my association with this work is one of the major reasons why I was asked to step into my role at the Office of Housing.” In-coming Board President, Andrea Caupain Sanderson noted, “While we will miss Maiko’s presence, wisdom and humor on the board, we know that she will bring her passion for equitable community development, as well as her first-hand experience, to her new role at the City.”

Andrea Caupain Sanderson, Chief Executive Officer of Byrd Barr Place and Central District representative for the Board now assumes the role of Board President. Doug Holtom, First Hill representative and Executive Director of First Hill Improvement Association, has been elected Vice President.

At its March meeting, the Board voted in Quynh Pham, Executive Director of Friends of Little Sài Gòn, to fill the Chinatown/International District seat on the Board. Quynh accepted this appointment noting, “I am honored to be part of this board with all of its amazing leadership.” Quynh’s first meeting will be in April.

Other board members include Chris Persons, Chief Executive Officer of Community Roots Housing, representing Capitol Hill; Sue Taoka, Bill Block and Michael Brown, at large members; and Kent Koth, Director of Seattle University Center for Community Engagement, and Rachael Steward, Community Services Administrator, Seattle Housing Authority, non-voting ex officio members representing their respective institutions.